The Metropole

The Metropole

Charleroi Métropole has 30 boroughs and close to 600,000 residents. Its area stretches over 2,000 km² and provides an incredible level of economic and cultural diversity, together with varied tourism and landscapes.

Charleroi Métropole, it’s a story of synergy between urban and rural, dynamic towns and villages, economic density, craftsmanship, agriculture, tourism, folklore and other specific local features.

Charleroi métropole : a few statistics

Charleroi métropole : a few statistics Charleroi métropole : a few statistics

600,000 residents

Charleroi Métropole has 600,000 residents, spread among the different areas of the region. The population density is of course greater in the urban areas. Small households are the most representative of the population. The proportion of young people is particularly significant in Charleroi Métropole.

30 municipalities

The Charleroi Metropolitan Area offers its inhabitants a varied living environment: both urban and rural. The north of the region is essentially made up of a dense urban and economic sprawl with a periphery of dynamic towns and villages. Moving south, the landscape becomes much more rural, agricultural and forested, lending itself perfectly to tourism, unique economic features, an abundance of crafts, folklore and heritage as well as particularly active small centres.

2.000 km2

The Metropolitan Area is made up of a diverse range of backdrops: plateaux, dense urban areas, smaller rural centres, depressions and steep-sided valleys, swathes of agricultural fields, forests, wooded countryside, watercourses… What makes the region so special is the great diversity of its landscapes.

Why Charleroi Métropole?

  1. Improving citizens’ quality of life

    Improving citizens’ quality of life

    By reinforcing the interdependence of qualitative infrastructures, by developing an optimal institutional environment, by improving services and mobility, by highlighting the richness of its tourism and cultural offerings, Charleroi Métropole primarily wants to improve the daily life of each resident and become known throughout the world.

  2. Developing a real metropolitan dynamic

    Developing a real metropolitan dynamic

    A number of challenges can only be solved on a supralocal scale by pooling resources, skills and strengths. Charleroi Métropole aims to optimise connections, synergies and cooperation between the boroughs but also between all of the region’s stakeholders, rural and semi-rural regions and urban spaces.

  3. Strengthening to respond to tomorrow's issues together

    Strengthening to respond to tomorrow's issues together

    In the current international context, Charleroi Métropole wants to confirm its identity and unify its whole region to pursue and strengthen a shared regional strategy and project to respond to the challenges of tomorrow. For example, this involves pursuing the growth dynamic of companies and boosting local jobs or strengthening the skills of each person through training and studies aiming for excellence.

  4. Publicising our expertise and our uniqueness

    Publicising our expertise and our uniqueness

    The region of Charleroi Métropole is teeming with sometimes unexpected skills and attributes in each of the boroughs of which it consists which requires special emphasis. In the same way, Charleroi Métropole aims to increase its attractiveness to tourists by bringing together all of the sector’s stakeholders around its drivers of development.

  5. Developing large-scale projects

    Developing large-scale projects

    Charleroi Métropole is in the process of majorly expanding and is seeing innovative regeneration at the level of urban infrastructures (tour de Police, Palais des expositions, Centre de Congrès, Quai 10,…) and in public transport and even in tourist and cultural attractions. In this regard, Charleroi Métropole is developing a synergy between a ll of the region’s boroughs.

Charleroi Métropole structures

Charleroi Métropole brings together the driving forces of the region within the Conférence des bourgmestres de Charleroi Métropole [Conference of the mayors of Charleroi Métropole] and the Comité de développement stratégique de Charleroi Métropole [Greater Charleroi Strategic Development Committee].

Charleroi Métropole structures