Out-of-the-ordinary cultural venues

International shows, theatrical creations, mapping, institutions renowned in the four corners of the earth... ‘Traditional’ or ‘quirky’ experiences are both varied and numerous!

Famous museums, from photography to glass

Famous museums, from photography to glass

Charleroi Métropole has renowned institutions, such as the largest photography museum in Europe, BPS 22(contemporary design space housed in an industrial building made from glass and steel), the Museum of Fine Arts, the Glass Museum, the Marble Museum, etc.

The Bois du Cazier, a significant Walloon industrial heritage site, classed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, offers a complete museum experience dedicated to the jewels of Charleroi’s industry.

Discover all of the museums in Charleroi Métropole at the following addresses: the website for museums in the city centre, the  Pays de Charleroi  tourist office website and the Pays des Lacs  tourist office website, as well as the Walloon portal dedicated to museums.

A number of chateaux, belfries and ancient churches

Charleroi Métropole has an incredible heritage. A number of old buildings and in particular, a number of art nouveau and art deco buildings were built here and are of a variety of styles and eras: chateaux, belfries, ancient churches, ramparts, mills…

The ruins and remnants of the abbaye d’Aulne (established in 657) are classed as being of major Walloon cultural significance and attract a large number of visitors.

The architectural diversity of Charleroi Métropole’s iconic sites are reminders of an extraordinarily rich past with several centuries of history. For example, the belfry of Charleroi town hall, a masterpiece combining classicism and art deco, is a Unesco world heritage site. The château de Monceau is a real gem from the feudal period.

There is also the historic centre of Chimay, the Château de Presles, the Tour de la Bourlette (Anderlues), the Tour Salamandre (Beaumont), the former railway station of Cerfontaine built on an old bridge, the Château de Trazegnies, the Grottes de Neptune [Neptune’s Caves] (Couvin), the Château-fort de Solre-sur-Sambre (Erquelinnes), the Château de Farciennes, the Abbaye de Soleimont, the Château Bivort (Fontaine-l’Evêque), the Château de Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes, the medieval city of Lobbes and its church Saint Ursmer (oldest church in Belgium), the Eglise Saint Martin de Merbes-le-Château, the Château d’Imbrechies de Momignies, the village of Landelies, the catacombs of Philippeville, the Château de Seneffe, the Château and the park of Nismes, the medieval city of de Walcourt and its Saint Materne basilica, etc. Impossible to list them all!

More information on the tourist office websites: Pays de Charleroi, Pays des Lacs, Parc des Canaux et châteaux.

Surprising programme of concerts and shows

Surprising programme of concerts and shows

Looking for an unusual concert hall or creative space in Charleroi Métropole? You’ll be spoilt for choice!

A true reference point for the region’s residents, the  Rockerill, in a former blacksmith’s, today houses an urban centre dedicated to popular and alternative cultures. Hundreds of groups have already performed in the unusual industrial setting.

It’s impossible not to also mention Charleroi Danse, the contemporary choreography centre of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles [French Community], a real international reference point established at the heart of the city of Charleroi.

There is also the Palais des Beaux-Arts, an iconic venue that represents cultural life in Charleroi Métropole, established in an incredible building which dates back to 1935 and with an outstanding programme.

And let’s not forget the théâtre de l’Ancre, a space dedicated to theatre, music and design, or  Vecteur, a true showcase of contemporary design which hosts a wide range of original performances.

Receive more information from  the boroughs.There is also more information on the tourist office websites: Pays de Charleroi, Pays des Lacs, Parc des Canaux et châteaux.

Dozens of cultural centres

Dozens of cultural centres

A number of cultural centres bring Charleroi Métropole to life. Eden, Cultural Centre and Centre of Expression and Creativity, located in Charleroi, combines concerts, meetings/debates, open stages, shows for young and old… All these activities attract 50,000 people per year!

Also take for example the Centre culturel Christian Colle in Couvin, the Foyer culturel in Philippeville, Action Sud in Viroinval, the Centre culturel in Aiseau Presles, and in Farciennes, Momignies, Anderlues, Fleurus, Gerpinnes, Chimay, Sivry, Thuin Haute Sambre, Courcelles, Pont-à-Celles, Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, Fontaine l’Evêque, Walcourt, the Foyer culturel in Montigny-le-Tilleul, the cultural activities  in Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes, the Foyer culturel in Beaumont, the Foyer culturel in Froidchapelle.

Find more information about them  on the boroughs’ websites.

Cinemas, gaming spaces, exhibitions

Cinemas, gaming spaces, exhibitions

Find out about these in the An active region section.

A dynamic urban centre

Charleroi city centre’s celebration calendar is organised around five major events: the BIG FIVE with the Carnival (March), the Brocante [antiques fair] des Quais (June), le Quartier d’été [summer district] (July/August), les fêtes de Wallonie [Wallonia Festival] (September) and the Christmas Village (December).

Find out more about these  5 events.

What shall we do in Charleroi Métropole this evening?

What shall we do in Charleroi Métropole this evening?

Various cultural and tourist programmes list what’s going on in Belgium and in Charleroi Métropole, in particular. For example, find the programme for the next few months on the website Out, the collective Demandez le programme, the tourist office of  Pays de Charleroi, the tourist office of  Pays des Lacs, the tourist office of the Parc des Canaux et Châteaux or the towns’ and boroughs’ websites.