Innovative projects in education

Charleroi Métropole is developing innovative training projects in a wide range of skills, including in the latest technologies.

Le centre d’enseignement supérieur technologique [Centre for Technical Education]

Le centre d’enseignement supérieur technologique [Centre for Technical Education]

A necessary complement to the Campus Technologique established on the site of the Aéropole, this Higher Education Centre will take up residence on the city-centre campus and will benefit from the activity of all types of education. Training in cutting-edge technologies will be provided here. At the heart of the city, the technical campus project will provide an industrial training pathway.

The Open University of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles [French Community]

The Open University is a true coordinator which aims to promote the development of new training courses in the region of Charleroi Métropole in collaboration with the various actors in education.

The science, arts and trades campus

In the context of the FEDER 2014-2020 programme and the regeneration programme for the city of Charleroi, the creation of a science, arts and trades campus will enable the range of training courses offered to be consolidated and for there to be a real site dedicated to learning, knowledge and creativity.

This campus, located on the site of the Université du Travail, will be a real hub of training, teaching and research excellence in the city centre with a Cité des Métiers, a university, a Centre of Technical Education, and a Design and Innovation Centre.

The Cité des Métiers

Located in the heart of Charleroi, the Cité des Métiers offers a high level of secondary training in industry and construction.It is the first centre of excellence in orientation, education, training and discovery of the multi-operator and multi-public sciences and professions of the future. In time, the Cité des Métiers de Charleroi will become the first interline professional school.