Discovering our local beers…

Discovering our local beers…

Needless to say, all of our local beers are tasty, and (in some cases) may even be sampled in the presence of the brewer.

Times have changed since the days when every village had its own brewery. In the Charleroi Metropolitan Area however, the brewery sector abounds with new initiatives. Lovers of quality beers, trainee brewers and other lovers of malt and hops, join us on this journey of discovery of some of the region’s finest (micro) breweries, where craftsmanship is passed on and the love of good beer is shared, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Local beers and microbreweries

A wide number of beverages made with hops are brewed around the region. Most of these are known and duly appreciated by the locals who are happy to imbibe whatever the occasion.

Manufacture Urbaine and Brasserie du Pays Noir in Charleroi

Charleroi is home to lots of street art, theatrical and dance productions, etc. But the art of brewing is another string to the city’s bow. Discover Manufacture Urbaine, which is highly involved in the city’s lively spirit, and its associated Brasserie du Pays Noir, which allows visitors to brew their very own beer.

In fact, this is where the Bisous m’chou is made, the Charleroi beer that should be enjoyed with friends. Developed out of the friendship between four mates (Kevin, Malory, Xavier and Laurent), the beer was created in 2015 in celebration of their home town. It is available at a string of venues around the region and at local festivities.

There is nothing like a nice fresh pint of beer, served straight from the keg.

Pico brasserie Escaillonne  in Chimay

This brewery came about as a result of a passion for beer shared by a father and his son. Their gustatory boldness never fails to impress. Try the “Gratouille”, a beer brewed with nettles, or the “Paternel”, the first beer made using the family mill.

Brasserie Brootcoorens in Erquelinnes

After numerous brewing trials in his garage, Alain came up with 100% natural beer. He set up the first Belgian educational hop garden, right next to the brewery, home to over 300 hop plants.

The brewery is open to the public, with visitors invited to lend a helping hand. Lots of people who take a keen interest in how to make beer come to Alan to learn the art of brewing.

Abbaye d’Aulne Brewery  and Brasserie du Fou du Roi in Thuin

Aulne Abbey brews time-honoured beers in the tradition of the Cistercian monks. Even though the brewery is not open to visitors, you can certainly sample the production output in the delightful setting of the abbey ruins.

Be sure to also try the Galipette, made by Brasserie du Fou du Roi, a beer that was a long time in the making (over 20 trials were required to create the mash and get the best taste). The Pico, made from lime and cactus, is another little gem well worth sampling as you catch some rays.

Meeting with friends is as good an occasion as any other to enjoy a craft beer.

La Radine in Pont-à-Celles

The initial aim of this microbrewery, which was established in 2015 by 5 beer lovers, was to create craft beers with a 100% “friendly” appellation of origin. Today, it makes 4 beers carrying the “La Radine” stamp: a blond “Origine”, an amber “Rutabaga”, a triple blond “Rictus” and a triple dark beer called “Résine”. Available from a wide number of points of sale and to be enjoyed at any number of local events …

Local beers gone international

These locally produced beers are now exported to ever corner of the globe.

Brasserie de Chimay in Chimay

These beers were developed by Trappist monks in olden days and are now retailed in 1 in 3 countries around the world. There is the blue, the red, the white, the golden and now even the green variety… beers that anyone visiting from overseas or just feeling homesick should definitely try. Which does not stop local residents of the Metropolitan Area from enjoying them every bit as much.

Brasserie Fagnes in Couvin

A stopover at Brasserie Fagnes is a great idea to discover how the beers that have made the brewery famous are produced. Why not enjoy a meal to go with your beer while you are at it?

Operating at international level, the brewery adapts its beers to suit foreign markets with a view to boosting exports.

Local beers are often served at local festivities.

Local beers brewed elsewhere

We should also mention the beers below that are iconic for the region and are outsourced and brewed in the same way as they are brewed over here by people who are passionate about beer.

La Fleurusienne in Fleurus

La Fleurusienne is available in a variety of dark, blond, triple and grande cuvée Cistercian beers. The brewery was set up in 2013 by artisanal cork maker Christian Leclercq. Christian decided to give his home town Fleurus its very own beer. The beers are brewed in Warsage and in Bovigny (Brasserie Lupulus, formerly “Les 3 Fourquets”) by Dominique Denis. You will find these beers at Bouchonnerie Leclercq, at the Les Plaisirs du 604 shop and at Boucherie Ganty.

La petite dernière, the B’Joy, in Ham-sur-Heure

The thing that sets B’JOY apart is its spirit of togetherness. The group of friends behind this beer which was created in 2020, trade on the unifying and festive aspect of the beer. Tasty ales, quality ingredients, developing of Belgium’s craftsmanship in the area of beer brewing, joy and good cheers… B’Joy is all of this and more, rolled into one!

Taking a tour of the (micro)breweries

La Rogère in Ragnies, the Brasserie de Franchimont à Philippeville, the beer of T’Chats in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, la Gourmette in Gouy-lez-Piéton (Courcelles)… There are plenty of local beers being brewed in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area. Take the grand tour of our local (micro)breweries, some of which enjoy international acclaim.

Need inspiration to start your own brewing adventure? Check out the “Beer and cheese routes” on the Charleroi Métropole Tourisme website!