Local cheese: real comfort food

Local cheese: real comfort food

During this winter period, enhance your raclettes, fondues, cheese platters and preparations by choosing your products from one of the City’s cheesemakers.

The cheese platter for a “high-end” tasting session

Make up your own basket filled with varied and high quality local cheeses at the ferme Kairet in Viesville (Pont-à-Celles): hard cheeses, soft cheeses, fromage frais or even heart-shaped cheeses and as an extra, a jar of honey or a bottle of apple juice to complement your basket of deliciousness.

A tartiflette quiche

It was a risk, but the Chèvrerie du Cadeau, in Buzet, in the municipality of Pont-à-Celles, did it. Brand new this year and especially designed for the festive period, the “tartiflette quiche” filled with potatoes, lardons and creamy pieces of cheese will delight your taste buds.

As well as this original quiche, the Chèvrerie du Cadeau offers cheeses in various formats: by the slice, platters, puff pastries, or even Zakuski, not to mention the countless other local products which can be found here.

The “tartiflette quiche”, which can be found at the Chèvrerie du Cadeau, is made with cheese, lardons and potatoes.

Made with organic milk

Renowned in the region for its numerous fresh, organic and high-quality products, the  Ferme du Lumsonry, in Tarciennes, near Walcourt, also offers an attractive range of cheeses.

Haven’t discovered Annick and Jacky’s creations yet? We suggest starting by trying their natural pressed cheese and their washed, soft and bloomy rind cheese which received the “Coq de Cristal” prize.

The timeless raclette

The timeless raclette

If there is one dish that never goes out of fashion, it is the raclette. Go for a raclette cheese and charcuterie platter from the Ferme du Raz Buzée in Gerpinnes. The farm works in collaboration with Thés et Cafés Brunardi which supplies them with copious charcuterie platters.

For those looking for something different, the Ferme de l’Eau Blanche in Virelles (Chimay) relies on bold tastes for its cheeses. While plain cheese is still just as successful, this producer also attracts clients with cheeses flavoured with wild garlic, oignior (a mixture of ginger, paprika, horseradish, etc.) and his cheeses made with nettles or spicy herbs.

Go for a local raclette cheese to impress your guests.

“Festive” fromage frais

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are also an opportunity for our producers to offer new recipes. The Ferme des Queuwys in Froidchapelle was no exception with sticks of fromage frais made with grapes and Eau de Villée, with spéculoos biscuits and Eau de Villée, or with fig jam and rosé.

This family farm also offers several baskets, to be gifted or shared with loved ones.

Discover the best places near you

Our region is full of cheese producers and small local shops. Go to our interactive page to find out about the producers near you.

Please also tell us about any good places that are not already on the website.

Enjoy organic cheeses from the Ferme du Lumsonry, an absolute delight.