The must-try ice cream makers in the wider Charleroi region

The must-try ice cream makers in the wider Charleroi region

During the summer season, there is nothing like a coupe of ice cream or a nice sorbet to chill out and cool off. time to discover the best ice cream makers in the wider Charleroi region and their delicious artisan ice cream treats.

54 flavours at master ice cream maker’s Gelatissimo in Fleurus

We would strongly advise against inviting any indecisive friends along to this ice cream parlour, as you will spend hours waiting for them to make up their mind. The counter offers up a staggering 54 ice cream and sorbet flavours, taking in anything from time-honoured favourites to highly original creations: salted butter caramel, melon, bueno, vanilla, etc. There is a flavour to cater for every taste going, and then some!

Same as us, you will be bowled over by the exquisite unicorn cake made especially for birthdays and anniversaries: we will wager good money it tastes every bit as nice as it looks!

Beer-flavoured ice cream at Devilers in Montigny-le-Tilleul

Creating new trends in ice cream is the greatest passion of this master ice cream maker based in the heart of the wider Charleroi region. Alongside more traditional and no less yummy favourites (vanilla, chocolate, banana, etc.), he also has some flavours you may not have come across before, such as raspberry, short bread biscuit and beer!

In season, many a man, woman and child have succumbed to the vacherin.

The outdoor terrace in itself is an undeniable asset in its own right!

This ice cream maker is renowned for his delish vacherin, an ice cream coupe with meringue crust and chantilly cream, garnished with juicy strawberries.

Ice cream made in Chocolate Colours in Thuin

Artisan chocolatier Hervé Filleul excels in his ice cream preparations every bit as much as he does in his chocolate creations. His ice cream counter is made up of more than twenty different flavours, prepared to reflect the seasons.

This artisan also takes pleasure in creating flavours at the request of some of his customers. As such, somewhat reluctantly he even created Bubble gum ice cream.

See you in Thudinie centre to sample these icy delights.

Boule au chocolat
The chocolate-flavoured ice cream is made from the finest handcrafted chocolate.

The ice creams Pascal and Valérie in Rèves

Following in the footsteps of time-honoured local artisan tradition, this family business was set up with one aim in mind : to enable customers to sample a noble and natural product. Pascal and Valérie use only quality products.

Once you have set foot inside their parlour in the small village of Rèves you are bound to come back for more: the ice cream flavours on offer change from week to week, simply to let you sample even more varieties.

coupe glacée
Try these ice cream pancakes to tantalise your taste buds.

Les Délices d’Achille in Pont-à-Celles

Aurélie has been serving artisan ice creams, pancakes and gâteaux for the past ten years at her ice cream parlour in Pont-à-Celles: les Délices d’Achille. The ingredients she uses to concoct her wonderful creations are locally grown and made, including good fresh milk, made by her husband on the family farm.

The terrace and the large garden, which has outdoor toys to regale the nippers, are the perfect setting to enjoy your order.

Osvaldo’s ice creams, the go-to parlour in Marcinelle

Osvaldo and his family welcome guests in their gelateria in the town’s peaceful residential quarter. Whether you want to tuck into your gelato on the lovely outdoor terrace or simply take out your favourite ice cream, everybody agrees: the ice creams are finger licking, lip smacking good! While you are there, why not order your ice cream gateaux to liven up your upcoming festive event. In addition, Osvaldo runs his own ice cream van, much to the delight of families with or without children: we all remember the sound made by the ice cream van’s chimes which we heard coming a mile off when we were kids, waiting impatiently until it pulled up on our doorstep.

Or how about stepping inside this pâtisserie

At Bernard Istasse’s shop in Marchienne-au-Pont, you will be spoilt for choice among the delicacies on offer in his display case. In amongst other desserts, this famous pâtissier (who distinguished himself at the World Pastry Cup, no less!) also makes delectable ice cream and frozen preparations. Bernard is admired for his “miss froufrou”, made from chocolate and pistachio ice cream, Morello cherry relish and cherry coulis, his frozen “Ice Cool” sticks and his “Ice Tarte” Plougastel (strawberry sorbet and Madagascar vanilla).

enfant qui mange une glace
Also try out his cornetto ice creams, directly from the producer to consumer.

Go for local and seasonal farmer’s ice cream

The wider Charleroi region is also home to a wide number of farmers who make their own ice cream in time-honoured handcrafted tradition.

These include Ferme du Moulin in Froidchapelle which has been making its own ice cream for more than 10 years, Ferme des Quartiers, a family-run farm in Merbes-le-Château, Ferme du Champ du Loup in Lobbes, Ferme du Lumsonry in Tarcienne, Ferme de Crèvecœur in Yves-Gomezée, Ferme de la Plagne in Grandrieu and Ferme de l’Eau d’Heure in Cour-sur-Heure.

This gourmand selection will not only enable you to sample scrumptious ice cream coupes but also discover little known places in the wider Charleroi region, with friends or family.