Secondary schools for children aged 12 to 18 years old

Receiving a comprehensive education, taking more specific training for a profession, studying whilst working, etc.: there is a wide range of pathways for young people adapted to the individual in Charleroi Métropole.

Finding a comprehensive school

Finding a comprehensive school

As with primary education, secondary education comprises three networks with a common base curriculum: the education organised by the fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles [French Community], the official subsidised education (comprising the education of the boroughs and provinces and the Neutrally Subsidised Official Education) and free subsidised education comprising catholic education and independently subsidised free schools.

Going to a technical or professional school

At the end of primary school, the pupil can choose to follow a technical or professional educational pathway. You will find all of the information on the French Community’s website about how this education is structured and on the qualifications the pupil can obtain at the end of his or her technical or professional studies.

Vocational training courses

Secondary education with vocational courses was born out of a desire to offer young people an alternative to the traditional forms of full-time education. This type of education offers a combination of general training and professional experience in a company.

This education is provided by a establishment called CEFA (Centre d’Education et de formation en Alternance [Centre for Vocational Education and Training]). You may consult the list of CEFAs via the annuaire des écoles d’enseignement secondaire ordinaire [directory of ordinary secondary schools].

Specialist secondary schools

Charleroi Métropole is particularly concerned with children who have a disability. You will find all of the specialist schools listed on the French Community’s website. Hainaut Province also has a  support policy regarding this topic across 76 services for citizens.

Boarding schools

There are various boarding schools for secondary school pupils in Charleroi Métropole.  For example: Beaumont, Charleroi, Chimay, Fleurus, Gosselies, Couvin (also for pupils with special educational needs), Mariembourg (exclusively for pupils with special educational needs) and Philippeville.

Cité des Métiers

Cité des Métiers

Located in the heart of Charleroi, the Cité des Métiers offers a high level of secondary training in industry and construction. It is the first centre of excellence in orientation, education, training and discovery of the multi-operator and multi-public sciences and professions of the future. In time, the Cité des métiers de Charleroi will become the first interline professional school.