How to spend 24 hours in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area

How to spend 24 hours in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area

Do you have a few hours free between flights to explore the area around “Brussels South Charleroi Airport”, or are you simply looking to (re)discover the region? Here are our top tips on visiting some of the Metropolitan area’s key features.

Whilst it is possible to access the Metropolitan Area using public transport, consider renting a car, motorbike or bicycle for getting around and discovering a multitude of hidden gems along the way…

Urban exploration

Step off the beaten track, only a few steps away from the city centre (but in the outskirts as well) and get a real feel for Charleroi’s industrial heritage. During your urban exploration, you will discover the history of this special city and understand its historical and architectural influences. You can also take in the breathtaking views offered from the top of the slag heaps and the charming banks of the Sambre.

After your stroll, quench your thirst with a selection of locally sourced beers, freshly pressed juice and sample the cheeses on offer at Manufacture Urbaine.

Balade sur la rvie
Your guide will take you through the changing scenery in no time at all.

Visit Thuin’s hanging gardens

Meandering down the Sambre Valley, you will find yourself falling under the spell of the charming town of  Thuin, an unusual place perched upon a rocky outcrop. This ancient medieval city is mainly known for its hanging gardens and its belfry, listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Stroll along the quays, amble around the ramparts, push on to the castle at Fosteau, Aulne Abbey or the Biercée distillery. Lose yourself among the winding lanes of the hanging gardens and stop to look at the vines adorning the different plots.

Before heading off, don’t forget to stop off at one of the town’s artisans-chocolatiers such as Hervé who will welcome you to his workshop, Couleur Chocolat, located in the lower town.

Rives de la Sambre
The ancient medieval town is built on a rocky outcrop bordering the Sambre.

Guaranteed change of scenery at the Eau d’Heure lakes

Head south and fill your lungs with plenty of fresh air at the Eau d’Heure Lakes. Here, you will find plenty of outdoor activities: from the spin cable, scuba diving, electric scooters, marine golf, treetops obstacle courses and even walking or cycling alongside the lakes which are sure to have universal appeal.

Why not indulge yourself at one of the wellness centres (when the Covid situation allows) at the AquacentreGolden Lakes Hotel or l’Heure du bien-être for a moment of relaxation.

vue sur le Lac
After a stroll, the lakeside is the perfect place to stop and rest

Quaff an abbey beer at Chimay

Round off your visit to the Metropolitan Area with an express stop at Chimay. Stroll through this fortified town, known for its castle, and cool off with one of its world-famous beers. This beverage, brewed by monks, is an essential for any beer enthusiast.

Chimay, a world-renowned beer, can be sampled right in the heart of the abbey: adults can enjoy their beers on the terrace whilst children can let off steam in the play area.

And if you are lucky enough to be staying in the area for longer, you are bound to find many more activities and places to discover at Charleroi Metropolitan Tourism.