(Accessible) extreme sports to get the adrenaline racing

(Accessible) extreme sports to get the adrenaline racing

Looking to experience something out of the ordinary? Test your limits with some of these high-octane activities.

Whether you’re underwater, up in the air or on dry land, you will find a plethora of sensational sporting activities on offer in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area. Come with us to find out more.

Diving to over 40 metres deep

Book your underwater experience at the Eau d’Heure Dam Diving Centre (CPBEH), more precisely located on the banks of the Plate Taille lake. There are numerous routes you can take which are specially designed bothfor beginners as well as seasoned divers.

Once you are immersed under water, you start to see the fauna and flora that are typical of our region: a chance to become acquainted with pike, silvery fish, crayfish and mini jellyfish. With a stroke of luck, you might even discover the wreckage of bicycles, a helicopter or even a bus lurking beneath the surface.

Plumb the depths of the subaquatic world of the Eau d’Heure lakes

Go parachute jumping

Make your way to Skydive at the Cerfontaine aerodrome, and try your hand at parachute jumping, one of the most accessible extreme sports, even if you don’t consider yourself sporty.

Once you’re on the departure runway, you take off in a small plane. After ascending for about twenty minutes to over 4,000 metres in altitude, it’s time to get ready to jump into the void.

You make the leap and take off in freefall for over 50 seconds followed by several minutes under canvas.

Do you dare to jump into the void, before opening your parachute?

Try out bungee jumping or a mega zipline adventure

At Natura Parc, discover the “Tower Jump” from the totem tower, a wooden structure standing over 25 metres tall from which you can bungee jump. Due to the ongoing health situation, however, this activity is currently off limits to the public.

Fortunately, Natura Parc has many more attractions to offer you, such as a treetops obstacle course, which takes you into tunnels and over rope bridges through the woods of Cerfontaine. The double zipline, the only one of its kind in Belgium, offers you a unique experience with breathtaking views over the Plate Taille lake.

Experience a 4000-metre freefall

Don your jumpsuit, helmet and goggles and fling yourself into the glass tunnel at the freefall simulator at Airspace Indoor Skydiving in Charleroi.

This is one of the most powerful and sophisticated simulators in Europe.

Under the watchful eye of your instructor, you can try out the equivalent of two jumps from 4000 metres and defy the universal laws of gravity.

Propel yourself up to 15 metres high above the Eau d’Heure lakes

If you have fancied trying your hand at the original activity of Flyboard in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area, you can only do so at the Eau d’Heure lakes, the only site in the area to offer this activity. Its ingenious system sees you shooting into the air. You can soar up to a dozen metres high, try out some acrobatics or dive straight into the lake, head first.

The flyboard propels you up to a dozen metres high

Scale the cliffs of Landelies

To access the cliff, park alongside the shooting range at Landelies and then follow a charming 2km-long footpath which takes you to the site. Once you have arrived, you can begin your ascent up the quarry rock-face with the Belgian Alpine Club Hainaut Section. If you are a beginner, choose an easy route up to the quarry’s heights, where you can enjoy some stunning views over the Sambre.

Go-karting on Belgium’s largest track

Hop aboard a go-kart and leave the competition for dust by revving your way around the largest outdoor go-karting track in Belgium. Mariembourg Go-karting actually has two tracks, measuring 688 and 1,566 metres. It has already hosted a number of international competitions.

Book a track and challenge your family and friends to a race.

Challenge your family and friends to a go-karting tournament