Charleroi Metropolitan Campus

Charleroi Metropolitan Campus
A strong flagship activity centre in the domain of higher and university education, training, scientific research and information on careers in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area A strong flagship activity centre in the domain of higher and university education, training, scientific research and information on careers in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area

This hybrid campus, one of a kind in Belgium, has resulted from the ambition to create, right in the heart of the Charleroi Metropolitan Area, a strong flagship centre of activities in the domain of higher and university education, training, scientific research, furthering scientific culture as well as raising awareness of scientific and technical career opportunities.


With support from the Walloon Government, Charleroi’s Upper Town is set to undergo a radical metamorphosis with, in particular, the setting up of a centre of excellence within the heart of Charleroi’s Creative District (CD). The plans combine respect for high quality architectural heritage with contemporary architecture, offer an opening to the city, creating strong links with its inhabitants, and are part of the pedestrianisation and greening project of the area’s urban fabric.

Sites where work is currently underway will be home to:

The Cité des métiers

The Cité des métiers will consist of a centre of excellence, guidance, teaching, training and can be used to discover sciences and trades, different networks and operators. It is aimed at a wide range of visitors, is free of charge and is right in the heart of the Charleroi Metropolitan Area.

Located in the centre of the future “Sciences, Arts and Trades” campus, site 1 will bring together several services over almost 45,000 square metres:

  • A one-stop shop for guidance, information and advice on trades and training courses;
  • The teaching centre for professions spanning industry and construction;
  • A Forem Formation Training Centre;
  • The ULB’s Scientific Cultural Centre;
  • The FOREM;
  • The Advanced Technology Centre for Applied Mechanics – Hydraulics and Pneumatics;
  • A trades fair;
  • The FabLab;
  • A 250-seater auditorium.

Located opposite the metro stop ‘Samaritaine’ and near to the Ville 2 shopping centre, site 2 will encompass almost 10,000 square metres and offer the following services:

  • The learning centre for interconnected professions (UT/ATC/WBE) in industry and construction;
  • The Advanced Technology Centre for home and building control.

The CAMPUSUCHARLEROI University Centre

This site, with a rich heritage, aims to become a recognised centre of excellence in the world of training, scientific research and higher education, bringing together the ULB, UMONS, the Open University and the Province of Hainaut with its Condorcet College of Further Education and the Higher Industrial Institute for social advancement.

It will consist of 3 buildings:

  • The Zénobe Gramme and the Masonry building, both dating back to 1911, will be home to several teaching facilities (auditoriums and seminar rooms) as well as a research centre;
  • The Solvay building will have a number of practical teaching laboratories.

An extensive number of training courses will be on offer there.

They will contribute towards consolidating and then expanding the range of university-style education on offer in Charleroi.

The Design & Innovation SkillsCentre

Design Innovation provides training to companies and their employees, jobseekers and schools. This skills centre, focusing on design and innovation, offers a wide range of tools and methods which will assist development and transformation. It will be arriving on the campus at the end of 2021, in the Boiler House building currently undergoing renovation.

The Centre of Excellence for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development

Named  C3E2D, this centre is financed by the ERDF, supported by the UMONS and the ULB and will offer research infrastructure, with some of it being integrated into the Zénobe Gramme Centre in Charleroi. They will help to create an ecosystem to promote innovation in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable development. This will bring together a range of high-level players working on complementary activities.

In addition to these functions, the Charleroi Metropolitan campus also hosts the Condorcet College of Further Education, which will add to its range of teaching, supplemented by a rich cultural programme, notably with the BPS22 (Art Museum of the Province of Hainaut), a library and a multimedia library. The premises, currently undergoing works, will also be open to other users.

The campus will draw its strength from the operators working within it, who are aiming at a wide-ranging audience whilst sharing the common goal: to promote lifelong learning.