5 local cocktails to sip with friends

5 local cocktails to sip with friends

The stand-out stars of drinks parties and festive summer evenings, cocktails put a unique spin on special moments with friends and offer an infinite range of flavours!

With clinking ice cubes and a mint leaf or lemon slice garnish, these colourful, festive beverages can be enjoyed either as an aperitif or out on the terrace, whenever you’re getting together with friends under a parasol.

Here, we take a quick look at 5 local cocktails that have been concocted using local products.

Tantalisingly tangy on the tastebuds

Are you looking for a nice and cool cocktail that can be knocked up in a flash? Red Villée, made by Biercée Distillery is the ideal drink to have on hand in the fridge. With Eau de Villée as its base, it is made with lime and cranberries. Ready to drink, you can enjoy it straight from the fridge just splashed over a handful of ice cubes.

Best served in an elegant balloon glass, just add a few mint leaves and a slice of lime as the finishing touches and you have a drink that is sure to delight your thirsty guests.

A Chimay-based cocktail

Not sure whether to go for a cocktail or a special beer?  Look no further: try the Velvet. Quite an exotic blend: it combines red Porto and Chimay bleue.

To make, use one measure of red Porto for two measures of blue Chimay. The delicate wine gives its dark beer counterpart a fruity, syrupy sensation.

Cocktails: that special touch for meetings with friends!

Candyfloss cocktails

Fancy being transported to London whilst enjoying the best we have to offer right here? Then the “Princess” cocktail at Carolopolitan in Charleroi might just be for you. For the discerning drinker, this drink is made from Beefeater Pink (a London gin made from strawberries and citrus fruits), gold flakes, Sprite and fruit.

But the must-have, and our personal highlight, is the hint of the fairground, the candyfloss that is served with the cocktail. Made by a company from right here in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area, Pop for you, this sweet confection adds a perfect flourish to this vibrant cocktail.

A honey-based aperitif

If you’re looking for something light but that still packs a punch flavour-wise, have you considered mead, a fermented drink made from water and honey? Baptiste De Coster, a beekeeper from Walcourt who runs Macrobapt, has concocted this sweet beverage which is best served chilled.

Dégustez le Red Villée, un cocktail de la Distillerie de Biercée à base de canneberges.
Enjoy a Red Villée, a cranberry-based cocktail from the Biercée Distillery.

A rhubarb beverage

Immerse yourself in the maritime atmosphere on the banks of the Canal du Centre at the Nautic Lodge in Seneffe and enjoy a delicious home-made cocktail. This little on-shore paradise is in the business of knocking up drinks in an abundant array of flavours and colours. For the local choice, go for a Purple.

The drink is named after its colour and is made with violet gin made right in-house. It is paired with raspberry Fever Tree and rhubarb, from the Folies potagères, also based in Seneffe.

And so many more…

This list is far from being exhaustive! Just a brief stroll through the Metropolitan Area will bring you face to face with many other local flavours, such as the Gimmius Gin or the Vodka 6000 made by Julien Warrand and David Real of Carolo Spirit, based in Jumet, or the Petit Wallon, a drink created by “les Apéritifs du Domaine du Gré” in Montignies-sur-Sambre, with a sweet wine and citrus fruit base.

Des cocktails maison et locaux servis dans la Métropole
Homemade and local cocktails are served right across the Metropolitan Area.