6 original must-see museums in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area

6 original must-see museums in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area

Surprise, astonishment, magic and most importantly, learning while having fun. Once you walk through the doors of these 6 unforgettable museums, you will never look at our heritage in the same way again. New and exciting discoveries await you: just a stone’s throw away from home.

Swinging from the treetops at the Aquascope of Virelles

Are you looking for a change of scenery whilst immersed in green countryside? The activities offered at the Aquascope will fit the bill. Take off on an extraordinary journey through the living world in this huge nature reserve; there are so many easily accessible walks to explore. During these beautiful walks around the pond, you might come across temporary exhibitions, but also maybe an educational beehive or an ethnobotanical garden dedicated to the many and varied uses of plants. Round off this perfect day with a meal at the Cantine, which features local products, then sit back and admire the sweeping waterside views.

The mission of the Aquascope at Virelles is to combine tourism, education and environmental protection.

Lobbes: a hive of activity

Dit kleine museum, dat is opgericht en wordt uitgebaat door vrijwilligers, is gratis toegankelijk voor bezoekers die alles te weten willen komen over dit diertje dat onontbeerlijk is voor het leven op aarde. Le musée du miel et des abeilles (het honing- en bijenmuseum) is tegelijkertijd didactisch en interactief. Tijdens uw bezoek wordt u begeleid door een professionele imker die met plezier al uw vragen zal beantwoorden. U leert er alles over het leven van de bijen aan de hand van een bijenkorf achter glas en in bepaalde periodes van het jaar kunt helpen bij de honingoogst.

Bee larvae secrete hormones that have benefits for the human body.

Read all about it! Secrets of the printing industry in Thuin

The Printing House, dedicated to the paper trades and their history, is a living museum and is not to be missed. Have you ever wanted to discover typography, engraving or bookbinding? You’re in the right place. Accompanied by guides, you will be able to discover the making of rag paper or the old-fashioned way of printing texts. This is always a magical activity for children to discover. With its impressive collection of old, still working machinery, you can travel back in time and have fun in the process.

Mastering the magic of clay at the House of Pottery in Châtelet

The House of Pottery pays tribute to the potters of yesterday and today. Housed in the former Guerin de Bouffioulx pottery, this temple to the history of stoneware production is also one of the last three traditional potteries still in operation in Châtelet. On site, for a very reasonable price indeed, you will wind your way around a scenic route which looks back at major developments in the industry whilst admiring solid craftsmanship, two activities which helped to put Châtelet and Bouffioulx firmly on the map.

Now the largest and one of the most important photography museums in Europe (6000 sqm)

Travel the world without leaving the Charleroi Museum of Photography

Europe’s largest photography museum is full of surprises. With an attractive programme that will appeal to the most discerning of visitors as well as those who are simply looking to broaden their horizons, the Museum of Photography offers different views of our world throughout the seasons. Its 85-hectare park, full of incredible trees that are officially classified as part of our heritage, offers an invigorating stroll to cap off your visit.

The Malgré-Tout Museum: an electrifying experience!

Located in the premises of the former power station of Treignes, the Malgré-Tout Museum takes its name from its next-door neighbour. Each year, local archaeology enthusiasts are given the opportunity to visit two internationally renowned temporary exhibitions in addition to a permanent collection. Above all, it is an essential place to learn about the evolution of human beings and their prehistorical techniques. In the park, you will find reconstructions of ancient habitats and get the chance to take part in events and workshops for young and old that are held all year round.

Marvel, learn, experiment or have an adventure or two… The Charleroi Metropolitan Area and its many original museums have so many discoveries awaiting you…