Get out of your Comfort Zone with these Activities in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area

Get out of your Comfort Zone with these Activities in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area

The Charleroi Metropolitan Area is an original destination that is sure to attract those with a taste for experiences that are out of the ordinary! Hidden museums, urban frescoes and places you wouldn’t see anywhere else, between its industrial past and ever-evolving present, the Charleroi Metropolitan Area has a lot to offer. Have a look at our picks of the most unusual activities in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area!


An original hike

Discovering a region on foot means taking the time to take a break from everyday life and seeing nature in a different way. It is also the opportunity to discover a 22-kilometre marked trail that plunges you deep into the heart of the mining region, offering an impressive view of Charleroi and an excellent vantage point to observe its steel cathedrals.

La boucle noire (the black loop) was marked out in 2016, and now that warmer weather appears to be back, it’s time to throw on your favourite trainers and take a new look at this region that is still largely unknown to the masses. These 22 kilometres of signposted walks are part of the GR412, also known as the “sentier des terrils” (slag heap trail), which criss-crosses Wallonia over almost 300 kilometres.

Les terrils offrent une vue à 360 degrés impressionnante.
The walking tour is an urban exploration and is unlike other tourist routes. It is a poetic-punk trail that examines the contrasts of an evolving city.

Sleeping under the stars: an unforgettable experience

To make the most of the region’s tranquillity for a weekend getaway, you could do far worse than sleeping in the middle of nature whilst gazing up at the starry sky. Near Aulne Abbey, these “nests in bubbles” offer you a night you will never forget, whilst being totally immersed in nature.

This original overnight stay is the perfect romantic way of reconnecting with nature and enjoying the company of someone special. It is also an opportunity, in summer or winter, to enjoy the unique experience of time standing still, in this protected region.

Unusual Charleroi: discover the best street art

Are special street art tours more your thing? Charleroi’s art scene is constantly renewing itself, particularly thanks to Carolo Street art! It takes about two hours to comb the streets of the city with an itinerary available on an interactive map. If you enjoy photography, if colourful urban environments and contemporary artists speak your language, you won’t be disappointed!

Starting from Charleroi-Sud station, this new route takes the curious and devotees of urban art on a journey of discovery.

Making your own perfume in Philippeville

Have you ever dreamed of creating a perfume just for you? Your very own signature scent? ÔÔ Parfums offers you this very experience in their workshop: a meeting with their perfumers, and a workshop where you can make your own perfume.

After visiting the perfume bar to discover the fragrances and select those you consider the most tantalising to the senses, you then move on to the Ô Senses Paradise workshop to put into practice all the know-how imparted to you in those few hours. Perfect for both young and old, this original adventure is open to noses from the age of 6 upwards. Take your children on an unforgettable sensory adventure!

Guided by our passionate trainers, you will create your own Eau de Parfum

An escape game with friends or family

An escape game is an activity that unites all generations, and that allows you to have a good time while putting your brain cells to the test, with a small dose of adrenaline to boot. This original activity, to be done with friends or family, is an ideal way of enjoying the superb region of Chimay!

Indeed, Les Trésors de l’Abbaye plunges you right into the heart of the history of the Trappist beers of this hundred-year-old abbey. The premise is simple: you have one hour to solve a riddle. What makes this escape game special is that it is open to children from 8 years old.

To cap off this original adventure, you can (if you manage to locate the exit) discover the Chimay Experience: an exhibition detailing the town’s brewing activity.


The Charleroi Metropolitan Area has more than one trick up its sleeve, and the list of original experiences is long. Hopefully this overview has made you want to come and discover the region, for a day, a weekend, or even longer!