Where can I find locally made soap (and help the planet at the same time)?

Where can I find locally made soap (and help the planet at the same time)?

In Chimay, Charleroi and Mariembourg, citizens have been working on a range of local and sustainable cosmetics and skincare products. Creams, soaps, shampoos, oils, aftershave… the products are varied and are aimed at men, women and children. They are all homemade.

These Metropolitan women are attempting to respond to two of the scourges of the cosmetics sector: pollution (waste, transport, pesticides, etc.) and the poor treatment of animals. What they are offering is a real and committed response, which is worthy of our full attention. They are producing high quality products which have the advantage of being ethical too.


The local and organic soaps of La Petite Sorcière

Cosmetics and soaps which have been 100% embraced by bloggers such as Ninon, Linda and Véronique. What attracts people is just how effective they are: they foam, clean and nourish the hair and skin. Each product clearly labels its ingredients which are mostly organic. Plant oils, which are richer, are favoured over others, with a complete exclusion of palm oil for ecological reasons.

  La Petite Sorcière’s products are vegan too.

Preference is given to local raw materials, such as the borage, nigella and calendula oils produced by a female farmer close to Huy.

Larissa Thunus launched her own products under the brand “La Petite Sorcière de Castillon”. Currently based in Baileux (belonging to Chimay), she won us over with her determination to produce the most ethical and sustainable cosmetics with full transparency. She seeks first and foremost to make soaps that she likes, and which respect her values.

Her products are on sale in over fifty shops in Belgium, France and in Africa

Fabrication de cosmétiques artisanale
Larissa Thunus makes her own organic soaps and cosmetics.


The natural and zero waste cosmetics from K’Rolo Cosmetics

The soaps from K’Rolo Cosmetics offer solutions to skin problems, including eczema. They are made using natural raw materials (olive oil, shea butter, etc.) and, where possible, are locally sourced (for honey, flax, etc.).

These products solve one of the problems we have in our bathrooms: they save our baths and showers from getting clogged up with countless numbers of bottles and tubes. Just one soap is enough for face and body (yes, even for use in intimate areas). The products are sold in bulk where possible or are wrapped up in paper.

Jennyfer started out making her own soaps by wanting to use healthy and preservative-free products on her child, to avoid irritation.

It was firstly as a way of solving a skin problem her daughter had, when she was a baby, that got Jennyfer Dewolf into making cosmetics. This industrial designer really got into it and has been honing her craft over the years. She produces the whole range herself, right down to the labels. People close to her, who were huge fans of her products, persuaded her to start selling them.

At the moment, five vendors are selling her brand. Amélie, from the blog Mycharleroi, became completely addicted to the solid shampoos, despite her early reservations about using them.

Savons produits avec des matières premières de qualité
No more bathroom waste! One single soap, in your chosen scent, washes your face and body whilst nourishing them at the same time.


The handmade essential oils of Passions d’O

If, based on past experience, you feel that solid soap doesn’t foam and actually harms the skin, the products from Passions d’O will make you change your mind: they don’t dry out the body in any way at all. They are made by hand, so as to preserve all of the softening and health-giving properties of the 100% plant-based raw materials. The range of products is impressive: soaps, shampoos, aftershave… there is something for everyone.

Maria Di Marco began her activities in 1995 in her cellar which over time has been transformed into a workshop. What makes her stand out is her knowledge and skills which she generously shares with her clients, especially during open days, visits or at markets. She sells her products in her shop in Mariembourg or online. Clients appreciate the plethora of tips she has for them. She recently added to her range with household and aromatherapy products.

The “bonus” that really struck us: the soaps she makes are personalised. An original idea for corporate gifts or announcing happy occasions.

Cosmétiques réalisés artisanalement
This artisan is more than happy to answer all of your questions about homemade soaps.