Sixty minutes on the clock… Will you make it out of these escape rooms alive?

Sixty minutes on the clock… Will you make it out of these escape rooms alive?

Enter the fantastical universe of these escape games whilst trying to crack their mysterious puzzles.

Before arranging your outing, enquire with the organisers about the current health and safety rules in place.

Whether you’re looking for activities as a family or a group of friends, escape games boost communication skills and portray our nearest and dearest in a new light, amid some very sticky situations.

This is our pick of escape rooms in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area. Let time stand still outside as you spend an hour in these very special settings.

Charlerooms in Charleroi: your heritage at the cabinet de Maître Hembise 

Immerse yourself in the universe of a crooked lawyer in 1967 in Charleroi. Your mission is to comb through his office to find the sought-after documents stolen from your great-great-aunt. Without these documents, there is no way of proving your claim to the family heritage.

Ludoscape in Charleroi: tunnel your way beneath the Sambre

Zip up your overalls and don your helmet and headtorch. Now you are ready to enter the mine and dig a tunnel underneath the Sambre. The only snag is that at one point, the light goes out, you hear something collapsing and the safety doors close behind you.

Time and oxygen are in short supply and you need to find a way of opening the doors and getting out of the room.

Escape rooms can lead you into some unusual settings.

Lock’n Spin in Froidchapelle: trapped in a house that is soon to be submerged

Your grandfather lives in a house in the valley of Froidchapelle. The Eau d’Heure dams are being built and within a short space of time, once they are put into operation, your grandfather’s house will be under water. Horror of horrors, you’re trapped inside!

Will you succeed in getting out of this family home before it disappears beneath the waves?

Charlerooms in Charleroi: save the magic tree

You find yourself in total darkness, right in the middle of a vast forest. In this mystical ambiance, all 5 of your senses will be called upon to keep the magic tree, the Kalikazan alive and save the world in the process.

You will have to crack several puzzles to solve the mystery.

Chimay Escape room : Trappist monks’ treasure in the dungeons?

Recent renovation works at the town hall have revealed the existence of premises once occupied by itinerant monks. This could mean that this is where the abbey’s legendary treasure is hiding.

Explore every inch of this former dungeon to find the secrets of the Trappist monks.

Lock’n Spin at Froidchapelle: get ready to be a secret agent

You have been selected by the government to become a secret agent. To assign you to a task, the government want to put your skills to the test. You will therefore be tested as an extreme sports’ enthusiast. You have exactly one hour to make it out alive.

Other gamified worlds in the great outdoors

It is also possible to play outside in the fresh air. In addition to mobile-based geocaching, there are other ways of seeing the area in a different light.