Oh My BOX: the feel-good restaurant for a healthy, local and delicious lunch

Oh My BOX: the feel-good restaurant for a healthy, local and delicious lunch

Find yourself tiring of that same old cheese and ham or tuna salad sandwich? Looking for something healthier for lunch than a burger? Want the assurance that your meal is local, healthy and sustainable? Oh My BOX does it all: a tasty and authentic alternative which showcases local producers and healthy, seasonal products!

The vibrant and cheery Julie and Aline, the brains behind the concept, will be pleased to welcome you to this charming townhouse in the heart of Charleroi, where they first unpacked their cooking utensils over a year ago. Behind the doors, a tantalizing menu awaits: wraps, sandwiches, salads, fresh soup, dishes to reheat at home, desserts… Julie and Aline aim to serve up simple and tasty dishes featuring ingredients that change along with the seasons.

Oh My BOX ?

When first launching it in May 2017, Julie and Aline were looking to offer an alternative to the hackneyed and monotonous packed sandwich lunch: healthy, tasty, local and a valuable helping hand for parents! The name “Oh My BOX” was perfect…

As the months passed, with experience and feedback, the concept evolved and led them to setting up base in Charleroi in November 2019. The idea was to be more visible and to make the client base wider than just schools.

The structure changed too and morphed into a cooperative. Currently, the cooperative’s 70 members hold shares in Oh My BOX. This model is very much in line with the project’s philosophy: each member has a say in discussions, via working groups, to help the concept to evolve, as well as having decision-making powers. The profits are reinvested in the project.

Are you interested in joining the cooperative and supporting this cool concept? Click here !

An innovative and committed model

Oh My BOX aims to be transparent about where its products are sourced from, to offer healthy, local, simple and tasty meals at an affordable price.

Julie and Aline are quite candid about this: it is sometimes difficult to strike the right balance. The cost of certain local and organic products, such as chicken, makes it difficult to compete with the alternatives being offered by the multinationals. They therefore have to make choices and stay true to their philosophy. It is also difficult to achieve the goal of 100% zero waste, but Oh My BOX is transitioning towards more responsible consumption, and that’s a good start!

During these unusual times…

  • Order your lunch on the website www.ohmybox.be, or visit them in person. NB: delivery is free within a 10km radius around the restaurant for orders of 30 euros or more!
  • Running a company? Order platters-meals for your staff members!
  • Julie and Aline also have a small grocery store and a gift “box” made up of delicious local products! A lovely seasonal gift idea… Charleroi Métropole is giving you the chance to win one of them! (Keep reading)

And also, in more normal times…

This dynamic duo of entrepreneurs are happy to welcome you to their charming dining room, or in fine weather, out on their rear terrace to enjoy meals à la carte or a shared platter.

After-work events, workshops, catering service… Keep up to date with their activities by following their Facebook page.

In the future, Oh My Box is looking to develop partnerships with companies and focus on communication and awareness-raising about their chosen approach.

As part of this article, Oh My Box is offering you a box of sweet and savoury local products with a value of 25 euros! To take part, visit our Facebook page


Oh My Box
Rue de Montigny, 93
6000 Charleroi