Looking to take the plunge? Dive in!

Looking to take the plunge? Dive in!

When the mercury rises, what better way to cool off than diving headfirst into a swimming pool? Looking for fun ideas for bored and restless children? Or are you simply wanting to exercise and shape up with this gentle yet effective sport? There are practically only upsides to this activity which combines physical exertion and fun. And the good news is that swimming pools or bathing areas are almost everywhere! 

Hélios – Charleroi

We might as well start with the most famous of the bunch! The pool where half of the population of Charleroi learned to swim, famous for its brutalist architecture (somewhat faded since the renovations), it is not, as many believe, an Olympic pool. It doesn’t quite have the required 10 lanes. But this doesn’t stop it from being the perfect place if you want to do 50-metre laps to improve your cardio and tone up your muscles. One major advantage: there is a paddling pool where tots can discover the pleasures of water in complete safety

Charleroi les Bains – Marcinelle

The new Charleroi les Bains Centre has been known for years by the inhabitants of the Charleroi region and has undergone extensive work to enhance the visitor experience. Set against a wooded backdrop, it offers lush terraces around two open-air swimming pools that are open to all ages.

The Eau d’Heure lakes  (Espace Fun, Falemprise, Aquacentre)

A few kilometres south of Charleroi, the Eau d’Heure lakes are a veritable haven for swimming enthusiasts. Two of the five lakes on the site are accessible to swimmers. The Aquacentre, equipped with slides and an outdoor area, makes this an even more attractive proposition.

Enfants en train de jouer avec de l eau
At the Aquacentre, children can enjoy the water jets in complete safety (credit: waw magazine)

(25/05/2022) The Aquacentre des Lacs is currently closed for renovation. Please check their website to see if the centre is open for swimming.


If you’re looking to do as many laps as possible, you might want to check out the municipal swimming pool in Fleurus. This pool is perfect for the more athletic who want to plough up and down the pool as well as for families looking for a fun afternoon out. Its paddling pool and its small and large slides are sure to prove a hit with the little ones!

La petite Bleue – Gozée

To introduce your little ones to swimming or simply to keep fit, head for the Petite Bleue swimming pool in Gozée (Thuin), which offers a full range of activities south-west of Charleroi.

Also in Gozée, you will find the Ferme de la Follie swimming pool where you can introduce your babies to water and enrol your children in swimming lessons.

There’s more… !

There are also pools in  Chimay, Philippeville, Chappelle-Lez-Herlaimont and Couvin ! Just proving that you’re never far away from a pool in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area…

Coming soon– Farciennes/Châtelet

Sambr’AquaRun by the town of Châtelet and the municipality of Farciennes, the Sambr’Aqua Intercommunal Aquatic Centre project aims to bring practical and modern infrastructure to the region’s inhabitants. It will offer a classic swimming pool coupled with a play and relaxation area. If all goes to plan, the first swimmers will be able to take the plunge in the spring of 2024.

So, whether you choose to don your swimming costume, shorts, one-piece or bikini, you’ve got all the addresses you need to get refreshed, have fun and generally feel great!