Charleroi Metropolitan Area: an artist’s paradise!

Charleroi Metropolitan Area: an artist’s paradise!

Music, theatre, singing, dance and the plastic arts… Taking up an artistic hobby broadens horizons and enriches culture, for children and adults alike. Come and discover the wide range of institutes and workshops our region has to offer!  

A Taste for Fine Arts

The plastic arts are given pride of place in the municipalities of the Charleroi Metropolitan Area. The Charleroi Academy of Fine Arts offers courses in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and even architecture. Alternatively, the Sambreville Academy welcomes all aspiring artists with its engraving and ceramics courses.

Becoming a Musician

Music lovers are well catered for too, with a plethora of music academies dotted all across the region. These schools teach singing and give lessons on various instruments, as well as teaching the art of speech in general (diction and performance). They can be found the length and breadth of the Charleroi Metropolitan Area, from as far north as Farciennes to as far south as Chimay!

Alongside the academies, there are other establishments too, such as the Borremans School of Drumming (Anderlues), whose drum and bass drum courses (among others) give you a flavour of the music of the processions and folk marches that are so beloved in our region!

Practising the Performing Arts

If performing arts are more your scene, the Martinrou Theatre in Fleurus offers theatre, improvisation, dance and even musical comedy workshops for children and adults, in addition to its performances.

There are places that specialise in dance, such as Dramatico, a newly-opened musical comedy school located in Pont-à-Celles; Aigle Noir, in Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes; and of course 2MAD Center, in Marcinelle, a name known to many, and with extensive involvement in the entertainment world since it works with the RTBF, for example.

What a Circus!

Festivities and the arts go hand in hand, and circus schools have long understood this. In Fleurus, Circomédie regularly organises street performances with artist exhibitions. But it also offers a whole range of courses allowing children to try their hand at circus skills. Trapeze, diabolo, unicycle, acrobatics… your little monkeys will be in their element!

Similar activities are organised by the Pré en Bulle, in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont. In addition to circus activities, these schools also offer culinary workshops (baking at Circomédie, cooking at the Pré en Bulle). An ideal activity during the school holidays!

Pottery, sculpture and ceramics

Some artists prefer to step off the well-trodden paths of dance, music or drawing. This is the case of the not-for-profit “Espace Élément Terre”, in Viroinval, which is dedicated to working with clay, and organises pottery and sculpture courses for young and old. Highlights include regular visits from master ceramists who come to give lessons to the more experienced potters.

Original Experiences

The simply remarkable  Christian Colle Cultural Centre, in Couvin, stands out for the diversity of its workshops. You can experiment with bobbin lace, mosaic tile laying, creative writing or even wood carving. This is an opportunity to try out activities that you might not find elsewhere and, who knows, you might even discover a new passion!

Give it a Go!

Our region can pride itself on its high levels of artistic activity. The creative spirit that flows through the Charleroi Metropolitan Area is palpable in the city as well as in the smaller municipalities, which are brimming with original concepts. Artists from all disciplines find self-expression in many unique and creative ways, and there is bound to be something happening close to home. What are you waiting for? Sign up for one of the many workshops listed here and awaken the artist in you!