If you go down to the woods today…

If you go down to the woods today…

With the arrival of cooler temperatures and autumn’s colourful display, what could be more invigorating than a walk in the fresh air through the woods of our region, perhaps with some fun activities thrown in too?

Remember to check with the municipalities mentioned about any hunting rules in force. Some wooded areas are off limits to the public during a hunt.

Jump, marvel, climb…

The woods of the Metropolitan Area abound with running and walking trails, some with exercise equipment on the way to give your workout an extra boost:

  • In Froidchapelle, find a unique way of discovering the forests of Chimay Country deep in the heart of the Grand Berceau woods.
  • In Tamines (in the municipality of Sambreville) you will find a 1.4km-long walking trail with 16 exercise stations dotted along it.
  • In Beaumont, starting from Rue de l’Abattoir, you come across 13 exercise stations.
  • In Loverval, you can blow off some steam along the 4.8 km trail.
  • In Rance, get your heart rate up on a walking trail through the domain’s forest.
  • In Châtelet, coming soon to the municipal park: a brand new trail.

Go wild with a treetop adventure course

Take to the skies at Natura Park in Cerfontaine. This treetop adventure course will lead you over monkey bridges, zip lines and hi-wire activities, to discover one of the most beautiful wooded areas on the banks of the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure.

Walking trails (locally known as ‘parcours vita’) are an excellent opportunity to switch up your outdoor exercise routine.

We’re going on a treasure hunt

Enjoy the many routes on offer through the Geocaching app to take off on a treasure hunt through the Metropolitan Area.

There are many geocaches to be found in the south of the Metropolis in Momignies, Couvin, Sivry Rance…

Also try out the 8 trails in the Forest of Chimay Country with accompanying info sheets to explain what you will find there.

Awaken all 5 senses

Scale the heights of Neptune’s caves (in Couvin) and discover the various activities on the Mont des Sens. The route takes you through the forest bringing you face to face with its exceptional fauna and flora.

Nine ‘discovery points’ will awaken all 5 senses: touch, smell… The little games you’ll discover along the way are a way of really diving into the environment all around you.

A forest stroll with a twist: a way of discovering the natural world all around us.

Follow the clues!

Follow the clues along the ‘you shall not pass’ trail, located in the domain of 1940 Brûly-de-Pesche, between occupation and resistance. This trail takes you back to the time of the Second World War and allows you to better understand the issues related to this crucial period of history. Realistic scenarios will enhance your understanding in particular of the flaws in the German strategy or how the inhabitants’ exodus unfolded.

The Trail of the ‘Gabelous’

This walk-game consists of a 12 km trail along the French-Belgian border, between Anor and Momignies. Beware of anyone who crosses your path; either ‘gabelous’ (salt tax collectors) or smugglers, and you’re off on an unforgettable adventure.

Cards explaining how to play the game are available at the tourist information offices of Pays d’Anor or Momignies.

Whether you’re in the company of family or with friends, there are so many activities awaiting you deep in the woods.