Why you too should try out one of these Metropolitan golf courses

Why you too should try out one of these Metropolitan golf courses

This technical sport, accessible to all the family, develops concentration skills whilst having fun and exploring beautiful landscapes at the same time.

A course that takes you through the fields

The Ragnies golf course in Thuin offers you a 360° panorama of the nearby meadows and arable fields. Its 18-hole course, 5,720 metres long, spans over 50 hectares.

Since it was founded in 2012, the owner’s approach has been to respect the environment. He doesn’t use phytosanitary products to maintain the greens and fairways, and has developed numerous ecological practices.

This golf course enjoys immense popularity among the locals, but also attracts golfers from further afield. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

Golf courses all have their own unique design features

Play alongside the lakes

The Pro1 golf complex in Froidchapelle has a 9-hole course but also offers 3-hole course “experiences”. These courses are aimed at beginners and professionals alike. The course at Froidchapelle sits just above the Eau d’Heure Lakes which gives you breathtaking views over the expansive stretches of water below.

The complex is also ideal for testing out innovative new practices based on golf’s overarching principles. Try your hand at: footgolf, a mixture of football and golf, or disc golf, the version of golf that involves a frisbee.

Courses are held throughout the year for children and adults.

The pleasure of teeing off in a magical setting

The Pierpont golf course in Frasnes-lez-Gosselies offers visitors a magical welcome. After crossing a large expanse of countryside, you arrive at an estate surrounded by trees which protect a stunning and tastefully renovated old square stone farmhouse.

The reception, as well as the hotel and golf club restaurant, are dotted around different parts of the farm.

The golf course boasts exceptional 9- and 18-hole courses. The courses offer golfers the chance to try out their different clubs on a diverse and pleasant range of locations.

The putting greens are perfect for practising your swing.

Mini version

Situated opposite the ruins, the Aulne Abbey mini golf club allows you to hone your swing to perfection. Perfect for discovering as a family, in a relaxed setting.

Don’t forget to enjoy the terraces too with their wide selection of local beers.

Golf is one of the rare sports that can be played together by all the family, regardless of the participants’ level of skill.