Dreamy beds for magical nights

Dreamy beds for magical nights
Dreamy beds for magical nights

Is bedtime a struggle where your children are concerned? Do they seem to end up in your bed night after night? Treat them to a cabin bed, a tent bed or even a bed wagon, designed by the local company Mathy by Bols, based in Mariembourg. No more excuses for them jumping in with you!

Jules Mathy and Jean-Marie Bols first crossed paths in 1985. The former was making wooden toys; the latter was looking to grow sales of high-quality furniture. They put their heads together and started a fun and creative wooden furniture company.

“For over a decade now, our flagship product has been the cabin bed. The designer dreamed up a completely deconstructed cabin with higgledy-piggledy planks,” explains Jean-Marie Bols, the founder of Mathy by Bols. “Really as if planks of wood had been salvaged from the beach after a storm. He had illustrated his design with an image of a Miami surfer’s shack. The reality is that the cabin bed is very neat and tidy, without any screws on show, but it’s very inspiring.”

Creators of original furniture

The company focuses first and foremost on making creative and original products. Over time, Mathy by Bols has developed a whole range of creative furniture. For example, they make several different models of cabin-shaped beds, with a slide to get down from it quickly in the early morning: every child’s dream! Some of their other creations invite your child to curl up in a tent, under a structure made out of wood and canvas, or to set off on an overnight trip in a caravan, wagon or trailer.

The cabin bed has proven to be the biggest hit with families.

Recently, the company has also started making furniture in line with the Montessori educational method. For example, the Discovery model allows children to explore their environment with a feeling of complete security: the bed is close to the ground, with raised sides that keep them safe and allow them to have all the cuddly toys around them that they like. To promote the development of their imagination, the design brings to mind an undefined mobile object. They might see a train, a racing car, or a cart selling ice cream or fruit and vegetables.

Moreover, each item of furniture is designed to grow with the child: the furniture can be adapted to their wants and needs. “A co-sleeping bed (a secure structure that can be attached to the parents’ bed) can be used later as a bench or a desk,” for example.

Mathy by Bols also produces tree-shaped bookcases, desks, wardrobes, always carrying their hallmark flair for originality.

Optimal production model

Faced with competition from the international market, Mathy by Bols has optimised its production system. Its logic is twofold: a circular economy with a skilled workforce. “We have no unsold stock. We produce according to demand, but in a fast and efficient way,” explains Jean-Marie Bols.

Their production strategy means that any bespoke item of furniture becomes available 2 weeks after the order is confirmed.

Each employee is multiskilled and can perform different tasks depending on the incoming orders.

Production is planned in two different phases, each lasting two weeks: the first phase consists of building up a stock of spare parts and raw materials whilst the orders are coming in; the second phase sees the completion of items ordered during the two previous weeks, which are then assembled and given the finishing touches. “We have over 20,000 references for different items of furniture. Each one stands out for its shape, colour, size…,” explains Jean-Marie Bols.

Every fortnight, between 40 and 80 orders come into the workshop. They all have to go out again two weeks later. “All of our employees are multiskilled. Their skills allow them to create different pieces in a short space of time. We use software to organise and monitor production.”

An approach based on quality and individuality

All of their raw materials are selected for their quality. Depending on the model, the company can choose solid fir from Scandinavia, birch plywood, linden and, for certain pieces, MDF with a very high density and very low level of formaldehyde.

The pieces are assembled using an invisible screw system in the factory to guarantee a solid finished product.

The bespoke furniture is assembled in the factory as much as possible to guarantee a solid finished product.

“For bunkbeds, we can guarantee assembly in just 20 minutes. The furniture is easily assembled and dismantled. Also, they regularly come up on second hand websites, unlike products made by the majority of our competitors.”

In future, the company intends to offer even more personalised items. At the moment, clients can select the model and the colour. Soon they will be able to adapt each item of furniture to the size of the room it will be going into.

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