The local photographers beautifying our landscapes

The local photographers beautifying our landscapes

These image professionals travel the length and breadth of the Metropolitan Area looking for lesser seen sights and the results are impressive.

Christophe Vandercam

This Gerpinnes-based photographer proudly tells the history of our region through his images. The way in which he plays with light and the quality of his photos make his work captivating.

We particularly love the photos he takes at sunset from up on the slag heaps. You can find samples of this photographer’s work on display at the Hôtel Van der Valk and the tourist information office in Charleroi.

La grotte vue d en haut
Christophe Vandercam’s photographs capture magical moments, as he plays with light

Leslie Artamonow

This passionate photographer captures the most stunning moments throughout her work. She succeeds in bringing to life the emotion of the moment in her photos. Her secret? She spends a lot of time talking to her subjects whilst photographing them, including during events.

Leslie Artamonow immortalises the Charleroi Metropolitan Area in all its glory: from the landscapes of l’Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse to the Folklore Marches, not forgetting the industrial backdrops so closely associated with the city of Charleroi.

Vue d un terril
This photographer really brings to life the beauty of shared moments.

Olivier Bourgi

This ace of the lens skilfully wields his camera wherever he goes. He immerses himself in the moment when trying to capture it and doesn’t worry about getting his feet wet, as seen in his Spin Cable photoshoot at the Eau d’Heure Lakes (available to view on his website). He likes to sit down and talk with the subjects he photographs during their sessions together.

What does he like most of all? Landscape shots which reveal the grandeur and power of nature.

vue du jardin
This professional photographer uses beautiful images to capture a memorable moment in time.

Jonathan Parisi

This wildlife photographer likes to capture his subjects unawares. A native of Beaumont, he showcases the green and natural spaces of his home region and takes us on a journey right here within the Metropolis.

Special focus: Carolography

This not-for-profit association set up by three youngsters from the region, Alexis, Augustin and Martin, collates and publishes the most beautiful images of the region. Their goal? To provide a counternarrative to the dull and gloomy image of the Metropolis that the media loves to fixate upon.

Follow “Carolographie” on social media and see the region as you’ve never seen it before.

Compte instagram
On  Facebook and Instagram Carolographie publishes hidden gems from around the region.

Birdy photography – Christophe Danaux

This all-terrain photographer flexes his talent to flatter landscapes and events but also the most important moments of a person’s existence.

What makes him unique? On his website he also has collections based around unusual themes such as “23 days later”, which comprises photos from the first day of lockdown in Charleroi, or a series of shots of the aircraft in Gilly, destroyed by flames.

But not only…

Obviously, this article is not exhaustive. There are countless other local photographers producing noteworthy work. Feel free to send us their details so we can add their names to the article.