Co-working areas to share more than just a coffee with your colleagues

Co-working areas to share more than just a coffee with your colleagues

Far from the growing pile of dishes and the baskets of laundry to be put away, these shared offices provide a welcoming and professional area for you to focus on your business, meet your clients and develop your network.

A space for sharing: the Charleroi Entreprendre Co-working in Charleroi

This site, open 24h/7, offers shared offices. Its distinguishing feature is that it serves as a meeting place. Numerous entrepreneurs meet here, exchange their ideas and collaborate in different sectors.

“Numerous entrepreneurs with different profiles develop their activities here. From an apiculturist who is drawing up his financial plan to a developer,” Frédéric Wins explained to us, co-working manager at Charleroi Entreprendre.

A shared showcase at La Ferme Co-working in Chimay

Located in the centre of Chimay, the Ferme Co-working provides shared offices for freelancers and remote workers who would like somewhere that is more conducive to concentration, or even for sales representatives who are passing through.

discussion dans un coworking
Co-working areas facilitate exchanges and encourage collaboration.

A first-of-its-kind workshop for creators at Coezion in Fleurus

A brand-new space in Fleurus, this former malt-house has been transformed into a co-working area. The originality of this location is that it is mostly dedicated to creators. The location is arranged over 3 floors, which are divided into several workshops, with over 1,000 m². Co-workers can share machines and tools used for their activities.

Coezion also offers administrative and accounting services.

Collective digital drive at Co-station in Charleroi

Located on the Quai Verlaine, this building welcomes start-ups and entrepreneurs who wish to evolve in the creative and digital sector.

It follows the same guidelines as its counterparts in Brussels and Gent, which have already attracted numerous co-workers.

High-quality offices at Coworking E420 in Mariembourg

This location provides mobile workers a practical and inspiring workspace. Offices, a good internet connection, a shared kitchen… Everything you need to encourage concentration and quality exchanges.

In addition, access to facilities is free (subject to pre-registration).

réunion en coworking
Co-working areas facilitate exchanges and encourage collaboration.

Numerous co-working areas offer meeting and seminar rooms.

Inspiring shared spaces at Monkey Bridge and at the Aérovillage in Gosselies

Located at the Brussels South Charleroi Biopark, near the airport, Monkey Bridge is inspiring numerous start-ups. Located in an eco-building, this co-working area can provide, as well as pleasant and modern workspaces, support for project holders in the development of their business: advice, business plan, funding, etc.

The Aérovillage, on the other hand, is located in an old farm. It welcomes various mobile workers, groups of entrepreneurs and freelancers. In a dynamic environment, it rents out offices, meeting rooms and retail areas.

A professional and welcoming place at the Espace Coworking in Anderlues

As well as individual offices, this location is also the perfect place to organise professional meetings, from a client appointment to a seminar with a larger audience. A waiting room, managed by an in-house administration department, is also available to tenants.

The co-working spaces attract all types of workers, from developers to apiculturists.

Creative drive at the Composite in Charleroi

This complex offers “shared creative spaces”. It welcomes an entire professional network of creators.

This building adapts its spaces depending on whether its occupants are creating on a computer, or developing their sewing, carpentry, or painting activities… This place is also used to organise events.

An essential visit to Partners House in Walcourt

Situated along the N5 road, halfway between Charleroi and Philippeville, this place is perfect for welcoming clients, organising meetings, or meeting other entrepreneurs from the region.

Numerous entrepreneurs use this co-working space to launch their business and fully concentrate on their objectives.

A genuine networking space at the Start office in Seneffe

This inspiring location welcomes numerous entrepreneurs. Along with the shared offices, many events are organised in order to encourage collective discussions and networking.

meeting en coworking
Co-working areas facilitate networking for numerous entrepreneurs.