The daily routine of OncoDNA, company at the cutting edge of medical analysis

The daily routine of OncoDNA, company at the cutting edge of medical analysis
The daily routine of OncoDNA, company at the cutting edge of medical analysis

OncoDNA, Charleroi

A diagnosis made using highly technical methods, as offered by OncoDNA, located in the Biopark de Gosselies, enables cancer treatment to be customised.

‘I go to the oncologists or the specialists responsible for patients suffering from cancer, primarily to present our molecular profiling solutions to them. What we offer at OncoDNA, is to analyse all of the relevant cancer markers and to suggest treatment that is more suited to the patient.  It’s a holistic analysis, the only one of its type’, says Jessalyn Renard, biologist and OncoDNA employee.

OncoDNA analyses the tumour holistically and does this using cutting-edge analyses

Major innovation in the field of cancer

The company specialises in customised cancer analysis.  It studies all of the biomarkers (DNA, RNA and proteins) and links these results to the latest research in the field: a step towards customised medicine.  ‘We supply the oncologist with the results of the analysis who shares them with his patient.  It’s up to him whether he chooses to follow the recommended treatment or not’, explains Jessalyn Renard

In a few words, OncoDNA combines the patient’s biological data with the latest scientific and medical information available (new biomarkers, clinical trials, etc.). This process, developed by Jean-Pol Detiffe, pharmacist and founder of the company, is implemented by both biologists and computer scientists.

OncoDNA offers customised medicine through an accurate analysis

In addition to the various analyses offered by the company, OncoDNA introduces various health professionals to each other in order to discuss results and the treatments suggested through an interactive platform, called OncoSHARE.

All of the data for the patient’s tumour will be analysed according to scientific research carried out throughout the world

Promise of the medicine of the future

This innovation is developing the medicine of the future.  It is attracting a high number of investors.  The challenge is considerable: to improve the patient’s care.  The analyses carried out enable ineffective treatments to be avoided, and the resultant additional costs, as well as side effects for the patient.  ‘The financial issues are important’, says Jessalyn Renard.

From a practical point of view, the analysis takes between 7 and 10 days. OncoDNA is partly working with the Institut de Pathologique et de Génétique [Institute of Pathology and Genetics], (IPG). The analysis can cost thousands of euros, depending on the solution and the potential treatment offered by the institution or a pharmaceutical company.

With a better analysis from the start, the treatment will not be as long and will prevent the patient from experiencing side effects.

For the future, the company is investing in improving the visibility of the products. The coming years should confirm the effectiveness and performance of these analyses.

At OncoDNA, computer scientists and biologists think together

Very promising beginnings

After 6 years, OncoDNA is already exporting its products to more than 60 countries. The company sends a kit designed to collect samples (biopsy or blood sample from the patient). It then will analyse these and will send a full report to the oncologist.

All of the analyses are done in Belgium, on the premises at the Biopark de Gosselies.  ‘I work with doctors from Belgium, France and Luxembourg. I really enjoy this job: it promises cancer innovations, it gives me a lot of responsibilities.  The offices are a 15-20-minute car journey from my home’, concludes Jessalyn Renard.

Improving the well-being of patients suffering from cancer is a really worthwhile mission

The company has also established offices in Spain and in England where demand is high. For a while, several English insurance providers (AXA, BUPA, etc.) and a Belgian health insurance have paid for the tests carried out by OncoDNA. For them, interest is three-fold: quicker treatment for the patient, better care from the early symptoms and limiting needless expense.

The company should grow in the coming years.


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