The greenHouse Studio: music inspired by nature

The greenHouse Studio: music inspired by nature

Renowned producer and sound engineer Jean Vanesse had the word ‘greenhouse’ very much in mind when setting up his studio a few years ago: the greenHouse Studio was designed as a veritable green oasis and haven of peace for musicians, singers and creatively-minded producers. 

A recording studio right in the heart of Beaumont

Located just a stone’s throw away from the centre of Beaumont, the greenHouse Studio was the result of a transformation: after several years of touring Europe with his band Spirit Catcher, Jean Vanesse decided to renovate his childhood home and build a recording studio in line with his values. It’s been a hit: divided into several sunny rooms, the studio welcomes many artists all year round, whether for a recording session, an artist in residence[b1] , or concert rehearsals. One thing is sure, the greenHouse Studio is not just any old recording studio: nestled among fir trees, oaks and fruit trees, this timeless place offers artists an idyllic setting for creation, experimentation and hard work, where the noise and stress of the city seem worlds away. And what could be better than peace and quiet to create in complete tranquillity? The pandemic gave us a reminder of how essential nature and green spaces are for reducing stress and anxiety, two ailments suffered by many artists, both established and developing.

A complete and customised range of services

Founded a few years ago, the studio blends the best of digital technology with classic analogue equipment, allowing for hybrid and customised sound. The studio features iconic Roland Juno and Jupiter synths, a variety of microphones, compressors, and a superb collection of all manner of instruments. It is designed so that set-up is fast yet thorough, and top sound quality is guaranteed! In addition to the sound, the environment and the philosophy of the place attract many different artists: each artist has the possibility to stay over on site, which makes it even easier to set up camp and bask in the soothing atmosphere.

The perfect combo for emerging and established artists

Artists, producers and musicians can all benefit from the range of services offered by the greenHouse Studio: from recording sessions to mixing services and mastering output, the studio offers comprehensive support at very affordable prices. This initiative means that emerging artists can launch their professional careers without scrimping on quality. Since its creation, the greenHouse Studio has seen the arrival of some very well-known names who are now considered big hitters in the Belgian music industry: Jean Vanesse has worked with producer and DJ Le Motel, singer Mélanie De Biasio and artist Kid Noize, who has been based in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area for several years.



Thanks to this natural, human and organic environment, Jean Vanesse allows artists to recharge their batteries and free their minds so as to dedicate themselves fully to their art: what could top that?